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Old style piano like Fats Domino


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Can anyone recommend an instruction book/CD/video/course/whatever on how to play a piano style such as the oldies guys like Fats Domino? Songs such as Blueberry Hill. Sounds pretty easy to do. I have a friend who plays all the old stuff and if there's a group of people and a piano nearby, the party's on. I'd really like to learn this style. Bad news is my buddy can also tear up that Jerry Lee Lewis pumping style. I don't think I'll master that any time soon. Man, he can go. And Jerry Lee ain't bad. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif


Edit: Uh... maybe it's the same style... Jerry Lee's just faster.


A lot of the oldies have wonderful piano styles. Those two. Mickey Gilley is another one that comes to mind. Maybe you'd call it boogie-woogie? Rock-a-billy? (I don't think Fats would be called rock-a-billy.) What do you call it? Rolling boogie-woogie... I've heard it called that.


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