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Downloading patches from the net.

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The general format for patches and banks would be a sysex file. The extension would be .syx, and would look something like this : bank1.syx


You would usually load it to the synth using a computer, thru midi. MIDI out of computer to MIDI in of the synth. Most sequencers will 'play back' sysex data, and there's a lot of shareware/freeware programs that do that. Not sure about cubasis.


Judging from your other post, you own an M-1. Did that have a floppy? If it accepts dos format disks you may be able to just copy the file from your pc to the floppy and then load the bank from the m1.


Some banks may also come in formats specific to certain editor librarians, such as Unisyn.


Some synths will have card slots or floppy drives, but loading a .syx file thru midi from a computer is the typical case.




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