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I need a lot of information

Dr Teeth

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I need a lot of information...


1. I gonna buy a cubasis VST package, it is not because I have here the sound card, but for the low price ($100.00 at musiciansfriend.com). I want to know if some of you have tried it?

2. I have a this computer: PII633, 96Mb Ram, HD 6GB. I am sure that is enough power(but I need a bigger HD). But I think a computer that is use to music must have some extra accessories is that right?

3. What do you think has better sounds: a roland a-90ex or a kurzweil PC2-x

4. Like can see I dont have many $$ do you think is right mixing whit a good pair of headphones?


thank you

Rebuilding My Self
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1) No tengo Cubasis. Have you tried it? Have you used sequencing software before? Do you have friends who use Cubase? Other companies make inexpensive software (MicroLogic AV, for example). You might be able to download a demo to try before you buy these products.


2) ?Su computer es Pentium II o Pentium III? It is probably good enough for now.


3) No se.


4) That depends on the headphones. Some brands are better than others. Sony MDR-7506 headphones are good, but be sure to listen to your mixes on many different speakers - car, boombox, stereo, etc.

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Its me again... my computer ys a pII...


I want cubasis because i have tried a demo... but because of my soundcard (ducky brand... garbage) this does not work ok...and any other does not give me a sound card, a soud editor, and a Cd burnning/mastering software

Rebuilding My Self
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1. I'd say it's a pretty good place to start. I use Cubase and I like it very much.


2. You're gonna need a MIDI interface. I don't believe that card has MIDI ports. You probably also want a CD burner.


3. Cuestión de gustos. A mi me gusta más el sonido del Kurz.


4. Before I got money for monitors, I too mixed on headphnes only (SONY MDR7506´s). After years of use I still have them and love them. If you´re going that route, at least invest some money on a good pair (como unos 80-100 dlls).


Mucha suerte. Cualquier otra duda que te pueda ayudar, no dudes en preguntar.



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I agree it could do you a lot of good to pick up a 20 gig 7200 rpm drive (probably only $100 or less) to let you work a bit better, although I remember running Steinberg's wavelab and its realtime effects on a Pentium 133, so your processor should be enough.


The sounds in the PC2 are much more updated than those in the A90. It's also a much more powerful synthesizer and has better quality internal effects. The A90 may also be a bit too complicated for you as it's made for someone to control many pieces of rack mounted gear.


As for mixing on headphones, I recommend the AKG K270S. They can be expensive (although I'm pretty sure Musician's Friend is running many specials with them right now) but they're worth it as they are the most accurate and clear across the spectrum. They really sound like monitors instead of headphones. The Sony MDR series is a comfortable and good sounding pair, but they have quite a bit of bass coloration which makes them inaccurate to mix with. The AKG's will continue to be useful to you even once you do buy monitor speakers, they're just great. Make sure you don't get the K240M however since they are too quiet for mixing on a computer based system.


I hope that helps.. although I'm intrigued at the fact that you can barely afford Cubasis but then you wanna buy a PC2.. You should check out the Yamaha S80 as well since it could save you some dough.

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