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when sequencing...do u use one performance for each songs or....


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i'm about to use lots of sequnces for live shows...while working on the sequences, i was wondering if you guys prfer using one performance for each song or just send prg change to the same performance all the times.

I thought having a dedicated performance for each songs seem like a waiste BUT i wonder if sending prg change data is RELIABLE enough in a live situation !!! any comments/ suggestions...Thanks

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i set the same user performance on my JV1080 every night and just send the program changes. i always use the same effects and the same channels, so there's no point to save different performances for every song. i used to do that on my alesis qs6.1 but it got very time consuming and i later couldn't see the point. sending prg changes built into each sequence via my yamaha mdf 3 has always been 100% reliable.
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Is anything more reliable than another in a live situation?

I have used program changes in a live situation since 1986

Has it ever failed yet? No, have I ever had a piece of gear

Fail? Yes. Midi for the most part is a tried and true method

Of communication between devices so that part is not really

At question any more. If your talking changing effects and

Effect settings and programs with panning and other parameters

All for a song or sequence just remember to reset to some comfortable

Default at the end of every song so if you forget some information

On the next tune you won't sound and look so bad. I have my

Laptop running my vocal effects , lights , and all the modules

If anything doesn't respond it's because I failed to put the information

In the sequence.

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Hi Vudoo:


I don't know what sequencer are you planning to use live. I have used CakeWalk Pro Audio. With the right settings of BANK and Patch number for your specific instrument I can say it is a 100% reliable.


You could have problems if you do the BANK change first with a Midi Program change and immediately after sending another number to do the actual patch program change. Sometimes it does not work.


This means, I do use the same "multi" or "performance" for all of the songs in each of my synths. Then let the computer do the rest.


Have a nice day.


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i plan to sequence on my rig at home and dump it on smartMedia to be played back on the Yamaha CS6R.

I thought of getting a laptop for live sequence but can't justify the extra cost.

My set up live will most probably be : XV-5080, JV-1010 ( only used in patch mode ), maybe a Proteus 2000 and CS6R.

I plan to set up one performance for each module ( except JV 1010 ) and dedicate certain midi chanels to each of them while turning off unsused channels and basically just send program change at the start of each song.

What do you guys all think ????

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I like the idea of sending program changes @ the start of each song.I'm not famillar with the CS6R, I use the MPC 2000XL for my sequencing. By inserting events i.e. program changes though out the piece @ the end I can save the sequence or song with those events being stored as well. Then I need to do is load the material live and the MPC does the rest.


Like jonniepains' idea of running the show through his laptop lights, modules and vocal efx. Whats' the make of the lap top? what programs are you running?



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Briah ,

I'm still using for the live gig , a old Compaq LTE 486/33 laptop running windows 3.1 , using Cakewalk 3.0 with a Opcode Midi Translator PC I use one port of the interface for the modules the other port for lights and real time effects changes . I do all the work in a Mac G4 and transfer the midi file into the laptop . I didn't pay as much for the laptop as I did for my Yamaha MDF-3 and its easier for me and more flexable . I've also done the same thing for a friend using a older mac SE-30 using Performer in chunk mode . He's getting ready to switch to a power book soon just for the size difference .

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Generally one performance per song, but sometimes I'll use a general performance for different songs and send volume, pan, and program change messages as needed. An examples would be a string quartet performance. Once you set up a good sounding string quartet, you don't need to reinvent it for every piece of music.


Having a different performance for each song allows me to customize effects routings more easily than I could by trying to control these details from MIDI.

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for all of you who uses one performance for all the songs...


How do you change effects ??? can it be done ??? Let me explain...As you all know many patches sound very good in patch mode BUT when you switch to performance the same patch can sound drastically worse because of the inserted FX it was benifitting from patch mode...most module alouds you to have 2 inserts so you have to choose wich parts in the multitimbral set up will benifit the most and , of couse, that changes from song to song so how do you guys manage to send FX change to different parts within a performance ????

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on the roland 1080, you can only have 2 effects at one time. so really, the only effects that sound good on every patch are the expansion type effects and the reverb effects. that sounds good on everything from piano to strings. the only problems are when you are trying to get a good organ sound or sticky-ass lead sound. they don't sound quite as sticky in performance mode - but, the solution is to turn off a couple of channels and route those patches through a different module/keyboard in patch mode.
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