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Fatar SL161 as a first keyboard?


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Hi everyone,


I am in the process of setting up my first little home studio -- on a tight budget http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gifhttp://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif I am now looking for a keyboard; I will use it only to record my music on a PC. Someone suggested getting a Fatar SL161 and a SoundBlaster Live! sound card. This solution fits my budget allright (about $400), but I want to get a second opinion. With this setup, will I be able to record my music (styles: adult contemporary, pop, instrumental like in movies, childrens, celtic)? I play piano, and the way the keys feel is important to me. However, I am very new at recording, and would like it to be as easy as possible. My other concern is that, since SL161 is a controller, I may end up buying extra sound modules, computer programs etc (??), and will end up spending more in the end.

I will appreciate any comments you may have.

thank you,


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Well...... if you go the controller route (like the SL-161) you will either have to use the midi sounds on the computer (which tend to sound like nothing more than enhanced blips and bloops to me) or some software program with a better GM sound set (sorry... I don't really know of any off hand, but I know they exist.... CakeWalk may have a GM sound set included with it) or a sound module.


You may do better stretching your budget up about $200-300 and going with something like the Alesis QS6.1, Roland RS-5, Yamaha S-03 or the like.... these kind of keyboards average around $600 or so, and will give you onboard sounds plus the ability to record from the audio outs without having to use midi (you REALLY don't want to record songs just with midi, you'd want to either sequence with midi and then playback on the keyboard, sound module, etc... then record from the audio out to get the better sound..... or just skip the sequencing and midi stuff altogether and just record from the audio outs) I really think you'd be better off going with a keyboard with onboard sounds.... you won't have to be buying sound modules and what-not a few months down the road when you run out of possibilities with your computer and controller. Just my $.02



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I agree completely with Da Freak. You'll have a lot better sounds and probably less hassles if you spend the extra $$ to get the dedicated unit. Go to the music store - play a few...see if any of them light you up. Have the salesperson at the store set up and demo the sound cards for you so you can hear what they sound like as well.


One other note : trust your ears and hands the most - they're the ones that'll be living with your decision





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