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How do they create those sounds?

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I'm not a drum & bass afficionado, so I don't know to what sounds in particular you are referring, but... certain things are true in general.


First, one can never assume that any particular sound is made up of ONE synthesizer. It might be layered from several. It could be a Nord Lead and Supernova II and some obscure or self-made sample all layered together, then going through an outboard digital delay and old Boss overdrive stomp box. Sure, once in a while a certain sound may be an actual factory patch, using the built-in effects of a currently popular synth, and it'll sound just great. Still, you might get it home and wonder what happened. One thing that happens is context. Things just sound different in various contexts. In general, though, once a sound goes through the human filter of musician/producer/engineer and then through the electronic "filter" of available hardware, new things happen.


To be sure, though, virtually any synth(s) with some tweaking and layering and maybe doubling (not just electronic doubling, but literally playing twice), can sound very good.


To be more specific, read the music magazines, because once in a while some producer will get generous and open about exactly what they did. Read enough of them and you find that combinations do play a great roll. But the combinations can be within the same synth... that is, just the layering of different sounds in the same synth. There's EQ, there's distortion, there's serendipity.


It is doubtful there is any one method; only that the genre apparently grooves on "heavy synth sounds". briah@worldpath.net... can you name a specific song or songs (hopefully with an MP3 link) that I might hear what you're talking about to? Maybe I'll hear something familiar.

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Thanks for the respoonse.




I hope this appears as a link. @ the bottom left corner of the page, there are sound clips." Vibe One " displays the sound in its most basic form. The sound is bass like in nature and has what seems to me to have wide intervals between wave points. (Please excuse any misused termonology.)


The ideas on doubling are great. I always have my head buried in some media & have gathered some great ideas that way. This type of music is a little obscure & I'm having a hard time gathering much info.


Can't waite to here back from ya, with your ideas.


Briah, out.

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