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Grommie question: laptop as studio?


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i've always recorded live instruments through basic mix board to reels. now i want to do more using a laptop as controller/sampler/mixer/etc. i met the guitar tech for perfect circle and he told me this is how most of their album was done - just a guy in a room with his laptop and a rack of synths. does anyone with any experience doing this have any advice or opinions on the best laptop/software or necessary features for this? muchos gracias -analogtad
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Any of today's, currently available laptops should do the trick. You'll want an external mouse though: I can't imagine doing all that work with a nub-mouse or touchpad!

Since it's a laptop, you'll probably need a hardware MIDI multiport device that uses the USB protocol. See if Mark of the Unicorn or Midiman has something like this.

Then you need a sequencer software package, and if you want to track digital audio, you'll need a "multipackage" like the latest Cakewalk so that you can control MIDI and digital audio in the same package. You'll also need a way to get audio into the laptop cleanly.

Lastly, if you're used to hands-on fader moving, parametric EQ fiddling, buttons you can physically push and the like, you should be prepared to HATE doing all of your recording with a computer.

http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif I mean, that's obviously a very subjective opinion, but it's mine. I can't stand trying to mouse sliders and such, but some people can get to that. Those that do have an immense amount of control over their mixes.

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I can see a golden statue of Grommet from Wrong trousers. I might actually watch it.

If you want to mix a full album on your laptop check out MetricHalos mobile IO. it's "supposed" to be out this summer. 16 tracks on firewire. Looks cool if they get it to market on time.


Don't know if it would run on a PC so you may want to consider a PowerBook.

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I do simply preffer a Full loaded Desktop PC (some preffer MAC) for My studio work since it is very easy to upgrade (memory, internal Hard disks, PCI based hardware expansions...) and custom maintenance. Also you can get a video monitor as big as you want it.


I let the LAPTOP for the live shows, running virtual synths and a Stereo master on stage.


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that's a grammy; a grommie is someone who is new and not very experienced/knowledgeable/good at surfing - and surfing is where the term comes from.


Originally posted by murph:

Originally posted by Dave Bryce:

Okay...I've gotta know...


What's a Grommie?



Isn't that the music awards thingie? You know, Steely Dan won it!


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