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Sending music files via email or internet


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Could someone help me please? I have what I consider to be ancient equipment, all modules, Proteus 1/2, and Proteus World, plus a Roland U-220. I'm going to be collaborating with another musician in another state. The other musician doesn't have any of these modules and has been strictly working off of software based systems, instead of modules. What do I need to do on my end to be able to send music files to the other musician? Do I need to convert to an all software based system? Sorry to sound so stupid about this, I've just been out of the loop for about five years and haven't kept up with the advances in technology. Thanks for any insight!
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If you're going to send midi files you can start by making some "charts"

Have the drums on ch.10 and specify where the different sounds are on the keyboard. So when you make the drums and send it to him he will have the same sort of drum sounding.

Do this for every basic instrument.

If you have a specific sound you can sample it to .wav (2-3 sec)and send it together with the .mid file, so your buddy can look for some similar program.

Or use only GM banks. (a little boring but easiest)





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Don't know if this really applies but I've started using the internet "hard drive" storage areas like idrive to trade large files with people. Often times due to the size limits on a lot of e-mail servers I can't send a large .wav or pic file to someone so I'll load it into the internet hard drive, e-mail person and give them the file name, log in and password for my site. That way they can log in at their leisure and download the file, or leave a file for me. Only do this with people you trust with your log in and password of course.
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