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Synthesizing a human whistle riff


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Might be a dumb question but I can whistle pretty good. What type of setup would I need to "synthesize" the sound if I want to get creative with it? (I'm not hip on the correct lingo.) Could I, say, turn it into a flute sound? Or something near that or otherwise cool? If this can be done, it would be yet another tool for a one-person act. Ever heard of anyone doing it?


Edit: As far as whistling by itself goes... ever heard anyone do that effectively? I have one heckuva natural vibrato and "clean" sound. Would certainly be cool in some blues songs la naturale. But synthezied, man, that could get interesting. Could I turn it into a slide guitar? http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif


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Hi there.

I guess the quickest way on getting where you want is using a vocoder, with the right combinations of signals.


You could mix a sample of the instrument you want and use your live whistle into a vocoder and get very interesting results.


Try it first... while you get some other suggestions.

Have a nice Day...

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I synthesized a human whistle on an Alesis QS8 a while back. If I remember correctly it was a layer of several things, a flute tone and probably a sine wave. Using envelope modulation you can get a little scoop into the pitch, and a little portamento to glide between the notes. It's got to be subtle. Have fun! Ken




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My favorite trick for doing realistic whistling/voice programs involves a performance/programming technique that isn't available on very many synths, unfortunately. It involved being able to not only control pitch with the PB wheel/paddle, but to be able to map filter control there simultaneously. The result is that the sound becomes more covered as you PB down, and more open as you PB up.


I use a JP-8 to achieve this effect, but most of my other synths won't do that...which other synths do any of you know that have this ability?


If you wanna hear an example of this, go to my MP3 site and listen to the tune called Balthazar...the female voice thing during the beginning is the Jupiter-8.





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