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I need help choosing a PA system for a Yamaha PSR740. I have other threads in this forum attesting to my rookieness, so I won't go into much detail about what I'm doing but I'll just repeat that my desire is to work up an act to play party gigs and eventually, maybe small clubs. Time will tell. But whatever I get, I don't want to get something that one year from now, I'll wish I had more oomph. Then again, I do have limited funds.


I have:


Taylor acoustic guitar, amp is Fender Acoustamatic Junior, 80 watts, two channels


Fender Stratocaster, amp is Fender Blues Junior, uh... 15-25 watts, I forget how much, not much, one channel


Yamaha PSR740 keyboard


I need a PA system for the keyboard. I guess that's what you call it? Amp, PA, whatever. And the Yamaha provides for live vocal harmonies, although I've never used it. Seems it might be a neat feature. So, I guess vocals would have to go through it first. Otherwise, maybe I could run vocals through the Acoustamatic, along with the guitar.


I also should mention I have considered trading in the Fender Blues Junior amp for something with digital effects and more wattage for my Strat play. And... that would have two channels. Meaning I could run vocals through there?


Any ideas on what I should do?

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I'm not quite certain what to say for this one.. I thought the PSR had decent speakers of its own. In terms of amps, there's a wide variety, but a good valued one is the Roland KC300 which is about 100 watts but oud and well rounded tonally.


On the other hand, there's the Fender passport (which I use) which is either $450 for the 150 watt model or $650 for the 250 watt model. This is an integrated mixer/amp/stereo speaker system that comes with cables and even microphones. It has built in spring reverb and has a tape output from the mixer section if you need to record. There are many flexible things about it, but the best is its easy set up and the fact that it is shaped like a suitcase.


But really when you say "PA" you mean a setup consisting of either a mixer and an amp, or a powered mixer, along with a pair of speakers and stands with something like 12 inch woofers and then the cables to connect it all. It can end up being rather complicated, which is why the passport system can be very helpful.


http://www.fender.com/proaudio/pass_p250.html (I own this system)

http://www.fender.com/proaudio/allproaudio.html (general Fender PA page)


Again feel free to email me (click the button above the post) if you want more specific info.

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Hey Live...


Steve's got the right idea. Fender makes some nice little portable systems. For a one man show, portability is the key. There are other companies that have some nice portable setups, too, with variable price tags. Check Peavey, the Carvin catalog...JBL Eon series. Like I say, a wide variety of price tags. Powered mixer, a couple portable speakers...some mounting stands for the speakers. Throw it in your trunk and you're good to go!

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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I'm with Steve and Tedster, Something like the passport would be Ideal for you IMO. I wouldn't advise running vocals through a guitar amp, they are specifically voiced for the guitar and would not do much for complimenting the human voice.


An Idea, try something like the passport or Eon system that has a built in mixer (3channel I THINK). You can run vocals into one channel, keyboard into another (or run vocals with keyboard if you opt for the Harmony thing), for the third channel you could use some type of multi effects pedal that has a line out so you can run your electric right into the mixer. Most have amp/speaker cab simulators that sound descent and some even have acoustic effects as well so you could use that to run both your electric and acoustic straight into the board. You could then run a tape out of mixer into the Acoustamatic Junior to monitor yourself with.


This would be a very compact and effective PA/monitoring solution for you since, as stated above, being a one man gig you don't want to have to lug a ton of gear around. Sounds like you will have enough to carry around as it is.


Good luck.

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OK, here's a followup question. Does anybody have experience with both

the Fender Passport and JBL Eon systems? In my last band, we had some

Eons that we used as stage monitors, and I thought they sounded pretty

good. Do they compare well with the Passport systems? Setups like this

(integrated PA systems) seem like they would be great for small-venue

acts with 1 to 3 players. Yes?



Mark A.

New Mexico St. Univ.

Mark A.

New Mexico St. Univ.

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Well, I really don't have any experience with either system, I was just giving a suggestion based on what I've read and heard.


I really don't think you'd go wrong with any of the systems listed above, or possibly a small powered mixer and a couple of passive cabs for mains. That's what I use and it works out pretty good, I would love to be able to hook my speakers up to the mixer and cart it all off in one load though. I'd kill my back if I tried it!!


I guess it just depends on what you want, if you can go to your local music store and just check some of the available options out and see what's right for you.


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