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Keyboard controller, or full-on synth for me?


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I think this is touching on some posts that have been here recently, so I hope I'm not being totally redundant.

I'm a songwriter and a drummer, and can also play a little rhythm guitar. I generally compose with the guitar and a sequenced drum track (usually play the notes live into the sequencer via an edrum kit). Anyway..

Every year I say to myself, "gonna learn some piano someday. gonna do it!" and I never do. I *do* have a synth sound fetish, and I love playing with sounds, like on the Roland JD990 rack that's hooked up to Cakewalk. I'm always interested in playing with sounds, but I'm beginning to be interested in actually getting my fingers on the plastics themselves.

So in the interests of possibly purchasing a physical keyboard, I have to wonder if I should get

A) a controller keyb like a Fatar, and stick with my 990 for a brain, or

B) a new full-on synth/workstation/woopycushion, like a 2600S or XS.


I would hope for something with a physical key action that would be conducive to learning, and pleasurable enough to keep me coming back! I've learned about the value of quality instrumentation: when it's good, then it's really FUN to play, and so I'm more likely to learn it some more! Anyway..


My corollary question is: Is 88-keys important? Is 76 okay?


I must say I'm not wild about the 990's piano sound: I'm not sure that it'd be really happy-making when triggered from a controller. Not sure.


thanks for any info or pointers!



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