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Considering they have the same Curtis chips, make a lot of analogue noise, and are a pain to program - here is the question - what are the nasty little quirks of each? I plan to gig again with the Oberheim and I've NEVER had a problem, BUT this damn thing is getting old and ornery. Anyone out here have BAD experiences??? As for the Jupiter 8, I've never had it out. Somewhere I read about someone thinking they're unreliable if you get an internal electrical spike, causing all the settings to go bye-bye. I have no idea if this thing is an older model or one of the later ones with the kinks taken out. Any of you ever gig live with a Jupiter 8? For me, it's my favorite because the sound is just absolutely HUGE. Can I trust this mutherfucker or not? We play hard rock, some metal, and lots of instrumentals. The synth is NOT the MAIN instrument, but it does occupy some key parts of some songs and it would be pathetic if it let me down at a crucial moment. All comments/experiences are welcome. Poseurs, take a hike. I want some REAl info here.
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Originally posted by Elfarran:

Any of you ever gig live with a Jupiter 8? For me, it's my favorite because the sound is just absolutely HUGE. Can I trust this mutherfucker or not?.


I haven't gigged with my JP8, but I will tell you that it's pretty quirky just sitting in my studio. I can certainly positively attest to the fact that voltage spikes can cause it to lose its programs, and the MIDI retrofit on mine is out as well. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't want to gig with it unless there was a serious reason to do so, and a tech nearby at all times.


Bottom line - both of those suckers are getting pretty long in the tooth, and if its not the big a part of your music, save 'em both for the studio, and get something newer to do those live parts. Try a Kurz - they do some pretty great replications of the older toys, and they're deeply affordable at the moment. More polyphony, too.


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A Jupiter 8 doesn't have any Curtis chips at all.

(An MKS80 does, as well as a Jupiter 6, but not the Jupiter 8)


My personal take- JP8 over the Oberheim.

I've owned several JP8's and several Oberheims and while the Oberheim are no doubt "fatter and warmer", the JP8 was more fun and more variable overall.



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I owned an OB-8 back when they were new. When it was two or three years old, a spike caused all of its programs to jump up several octaves rendering them unusable. Fortunately, there was a place in the Bay Area where I was gigging at the time that fixed the problem in time for that nights gig, and all of my programs were restored. This was back in 1985.


I got rid of my OB-8 just before the analog retro craze happened. In todays context, its a rather limited keyboard; but I dont think Ive ever enjoyed owning a keyboard as much as I did that one...


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