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Parts availability for old MOOG gear...


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Hi everyone - I found an old Moog (Realistic) Concertmate MG-1 at a local pawn shop for $55. It was all I could do not to jump for joy - they're going for 300-400 almost every place I've checked.


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to check it out thoroughly in the store (I have to take headphones with me when I go back) However, there's one obvious problem with it... one of the sliders in the Contour section has broken loose from the board. Are parts for this machine easy to find? I tried moogce.com, but I haven't gotten a response yet. I'm a little worried that parts will be difficult to find or expensive... In which case $55 might not be as good a deal as it seems.


So what do you Moog enthusiasts think? Is this still a good buy, or will it be more trouble than it's worth?


Also, I'm trying to find information about mods for this machine... I plan to install a midijack (eventually...if I buy it) but if anyone has made any other modifications or knows a good source of info, please let me know.

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I recently had my Rogue fixed and had to get a slider replaced. They're pretty cheap and common part assuming we're talking about the same part. This is the little fader knob for the cutoff or resonance. I had mine fixed for some other problems and it was less than 80$ so if you can iget it for less than 60 bucks then go for it!
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