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MOTU 2408mkII vs. Digi 001

dR. i

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For use with Logic ... what is your opinion on sound cards.


I'm currently debating between MOTU 2408mkII and Digi 001 ... who thinks what? Any other cards to consider?


Thank you

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I'd go with the MOTU. I have one, and it is great bang for the buck. If you already have a mixer, with pre-amps, then the pre-amp feature on the Digi-001 shouldn't sway you. The Digi-001 just seems like a cheap piece of plastic.



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Looks like another episode of Celebrity Death Match!


I responded to the same question on another thread with some arguments in favor of the Digi001. If you dont mind wading through yet another PC vs. Mac debate, check it out:




Also, Logic is on my @$^%$# list due to their slow response to a broken dongle.


My rant is at:




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I own a digi-001/ProToolsLE, and although once it is working, it is a wonderful tool, Ihave to warn anyone thinking of buying it...


Two of us in our band are computer professionals. Getting the digi001 up and running required custom-building a PC with a VERY limited choice of motherboards. To make a long story short, if you don't have the exact same config as the computer they programmed ProToolsLE on, it won't work. period. Your chances of getting PTLE running on your home computer without having to upgrade/modify your computer are about 1 in a hundred.


Also, there are no affordable plugins for ProToolsLE (and no VST). the limited selection starts in the $300-$500 range for each one.


While I feel the digi001 /protoolsLE is a higher quality interface, it is not worth dealing with the bugs and the lack of plug-in support. Go with the MOTU.

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