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Wanted -- 3 million Napster fans!


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There already is a free music company out there....It's called RADIO!!


Record companies screw the recording artist enough....Websites such as napster screw them even more....Just what they need!


Get a life, and BUY your music for a change

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again b3 speaks the Word. under what system is it conceivable that intellectual property created by someone's sweat and tears should be free? i never got how Napster's arguments could even be considered in a court of law. piracy is bad enough in foreign countries. the quote i loved last week was from a local sixteen year old quoted in our paper of record: "charging people for music is just morally wrong, dude, it's just wrong." wow. one trembles for the future of the republic.


which is not to say that the record companies aren't charging obscene prices. (Why does virtually all music cost the same, regardless of vintage, or quality or demand? why do all movies cost the same, regardless of popularity or lines at the door?) the system is plainly corrupt and broken, but free transfer of one person's effort to another is not the answer.

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Yeah, I saw a guy drivin an end loader the other day, man was he good with it. Was whippin it this way and that, barely clearing oncoming traffic, pickin things up I didn't think he could. Wait a minute, I think what he was doing was a complete work of art, and as such he should have to do it for FREE. Look at some of the houses engineers design and carpenters, onstruction workers etc....build, I'd sure call some of them works of art, and most of them love their jobs. so does that mean they should do it for free??


Yeah, bring that up at the next contractors local union meeting and see how long you can walk on your legs. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Just my opinion.

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>>There already is a free music company out there....It's called RADIO!!


A problem here, though, and it's a big one...say it with me, children...radio SUCKS...


How many times have you heard a cool song only to wait for the end and find it's by (sings) MORE MUSIC...on a hot KYYZ weekend with Brian Miller!...that's right. You can't find out who the f*&k it's by because of the radio format which says "Music is unimportant. We are about ADS". And the other problem with radio...get 5 CDs, play them over and over and over.


Okay, maybe Napster isn't the ideal solution. Maybe people are getting screwed here. But there's gotta be a better way than radio. Leave radio to the teenyboppers, the housewives, and the truckers. What about the rest of us?

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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I'm with ya Tedster. Don't get me wrong by my earlier post, I'm not completely against things like Napster. I've used it on occasion to check out a new band before buying or download a very hard to find song. I also don't blame you at all for downloading stuff your band was going to cover, that's just too damn costly to go out and buy a cd for every song a cover band is going to play!!!


My main problem is with the attidtude I've been seeing since the whole Napster debate began. I'm really tired of hearing " Music is art and musicians make music for the love of it, so I have an absolute RIGHT to get it for free ". That kinda thing REALLY erks me to pieces. That is what I was eluding to on my earlier post.


Many things could be considered *ART*, such as a beutiffuly designed and built building, how about a pro figure skater. You tellin me what they do isn't art?? And if it is then why should they be paid to do it, they love it and would do it anyways right?? How about a really good surgeon?? The things they can do with a scalpel, that's an artform if I've ever seen one. I wonder how many of these people would feel if society suddenly decided that what THEY do for a living is *ART* and should be appreciated by all for no financial gain!!!


There has got to be an alternative that would make everyone happy, people get their music and artists get paid so they can continue to make music for people. When ya figure it out, let me know http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gifhttp://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif .




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