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I need an amp asap


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I have a pc88mx, and I gig multiple times a week. I'm in UCRiverside's jazz combo, so I can use their dinky Roland KC-500 amp, but I need more juice. I play a lot of jazz gigs, but have started playing pop music. I'm planning on buying a second controller and modules but I need an amp first. I know Peavey and Barbetta make powerfull ones, but I've heard mixed reviews on them. Playing against a guitarist with a boogie, I need a lot of juice, so if anyone has any comments, let me know



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I used my amp as a monitor. I used to get complaints that I was too loud with the amp behind me at my feet(Peavy KB100). I put the amp to my side as a monitor for both myself and the band, and then fed a signal to the PA. when that amp died I replaced it with a small PA speaker on a stand. Played in a band with two guitarists having a Fender Twin and Mesa Boogie 100w amps. One of the guitarist always got complaints of being too loud. He ended up playing his amp to his side with a mic in front and through the PA too.


For left hand bass I had two 15' speakers powered by a 500w Peavy. The bass wasn't fed through the PA.


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