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cd for qs6


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Does anyone know where I can buy the cd that comes with the qs6 . When I bought my keyboard it didn't come with one .


I have a qs6 with the original CD. I don't think you'll be able to buy it, and franqly, I don't think you're missing much, due to how old/simple some of the stuff is. If I remember, this is what's on the CD. For reference, my Qs6 is pretty old, I bought it in December 95. The CD is more for newbies, I think, to get them up and running with basic software (and it excels at that). If I remember from your earlier post, I think you're definetly NOT a newbie to this ;-)


Cubasis Lite (Win 3.1, too simple and outdated)

Freeloader (Can be downloaded from their site)

Soundbridge (Ditto)

Extra banks (Ditto)

Unysin QS6 (Works on win 98, but I'm not terribly happy with it)

Tons of demo programs which you can probably dowload from websites nowadays.


If you need a more detailed list let me know. The qs6.1 comes with new sequencer/editor software, but again, there's nothing really exceptional.



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Rod is dead on correct on every point - you ain't missing much that you can't download.


One clarification - the QS CDs are serialized because of the sequencing software, and consequently Alesis was not able to sell them separately.





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