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Tune Smith

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I have been waiting on our friends from Emagic to deliver the latest version of Sound Diver for about 6 weeks now. As I am using LAG I would have liked to stay with the Emagic product although I understand there are other librarians that are easier and perhaps more funtional to use. Any suggestions on other editor/librarians? Are there any that support soft synths? From what I can tell the Sound Diver product does not support any soft synth products unless I missed it somewhere. I am using a PC as opposed to a MAC if that is of any consequence.
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SoundDiver 3.0.3 Adds More Product Support


March 8, 2001

SoundDiver, a MIDI editor librarian, supports a continually expanding range of devices. The new version 3.0.3 update includes new editors for products from Access, Hughes & Kettner and Behringer, bringing the total number of supported devices to over 570. These new editors are available to current owners of SoundDiver 3.0, and customized versions also available in with the devices that they are designed to edit. Not only extra editors but also extra languages are on offer in version 3.0.3 - the French localization of all menus and parameters has been added to the existing English and German versions.


From now on every Access synthesizer - Virus B/KB/Indigo and Rack - includes a specially customized version of SoundDiver 3.0 for Mac and Windows, making it easy to utilize all the power and features on offer. This allows users of these synthesizers to edit one device at a time, providing invaluable visual control over all the parameters accessible via MIDI. Existing owners of these synthesizers can order this software for small fee direct from Access.


Not only keyboardists, but also guitarists benefit from the ongoing SoundDiver development. A SoundDiver module has been developed to edit the "zenTera" digital guitar amp from Hughes & Kettner. Each zenTera will be shipped with a SoundDiver module, which also allows the firmware to be updated.


Rounding out the new SoundDiver additions is an editor for the new V-Amp from Behringer. A customized version of this editor will also be delivered with every amp, including a large sound library.


Pricing and availability


SoundDiver 3.0.3 will be available for all SoundDiver 3.0 users to download in April 2001: www.emagic.de/english/support/download/update.html


SoundDiver (complete program) has a recommended retail price in Germany of 222,- Euro.


Owners of SoundDiver customized OEM editors can take advantage of a special upgrade offer to purchase a complete SoundDiver at a reduced price.


For more information, visit their web site at www.emagic.de.

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