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Can you recommend a microphone (for vocals)?


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Newbie has a new Yamaha PSR740. Can anyone recommend a decent microphone for singing? Not the cheapest but not the most expensive either. Or would any used mic do just as well? For one-man show gigs for parties.

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Entry level, look for sm57 or sm58 by sure.


Very reliable, tried and true mic.


No offense, just trying to help:

This question would be better suited for a Pro Audio/digital recording forum here:



You'll most likely get a more detailed, experienced response.


Good luck!

I'm just getting into learning the details of MIDI, and I love it, just need a book http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif

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Tedster is probably right as a rule. But, it really depends on your voice. I recommend taking your buds with you to a well stocked music store and trying out a bunch of mics. We have always used SM58's, but one fellow I work with just didn't seem to cut thru the mix. We shopped around and he ended up with a Shure Beta 87 condenser mic. What a difference! Then my wife decided maybe she should check out some other mics and she settled(settled doesn't really seem to be the word I'm looking for) a Neuman umm..I think its a 585. It's that new vocal mic they cam out with. It's about $550 smackeroos. But, I gotta say, she sounds phenomenally good thru it. On the other hand my voice sucks and the SM58 works great for me because it hides all the little annoying nuances better than the higher end mics. So the 58 remains my vocal security blanket.


Ya just had ta ask 'n now I went and made life so difficult for ya. Sorry, but good luck anyhoo. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif jwk

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I've stayed with the Shure sm58 due to its lack of trouble....Best thing to do is try different mikes out at different stores and find one that fits your voice....The great thing about the sm58 is it's relatively low-priced, and very road-worthy.
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