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How to Mix Down? Help Topic


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Just realized, I don't know how to mix down the MIDI or Audio from my sequencer.

(Cubasis VST...but I'm not sure I want to stick with it, didn't even come with a basic windows HELP file boohoo, guess that's prepackaged for you)


Say I load up ONLY a midi file.

I can play it back fine(through my synth), sounds like a champ.


After I adjust the volume/pan(which I can't even figure out to do in this simplest of programs, because it has the wackest setup out of anything I've ever worked with...that prog on the mac made by cakewalk in the 90's, different versions of cubase, sound designer, pro tools, deck, ANYTHING, cubasis has the worst layout)


How do I digitally mix down to a wav file?


I'm using a sound blaster x-gamer 5.1 right now.


It has:

1/4" Line Out

1/4" Rear Out

1/4" jack that "connects to digital minidisc or DAT via minijack-to-DIN cable or Digital Ouput Module"


Besides buying a dat/minidisc, is there anyway to mixdown directly to the computer HDD?


Adding a DAT won't add noise, because it is digital, but it does add a tedious step of having to reimport the audio to the computer for POST.


There's got to be a way right?


I will end up buying some equipment, but there are MANY, many people that won't be purchasing equipment, and just want to make mp3s and such.


I will be making another post in the DA forum to inquire about what are the best options for a MIXER and a MULTITRACK, and since this relates to that, I'd appreciate any input.


Don't need more than 8 tracks really, but am always open

(Please don't throw that 24 track Mackie in here, that's way too much for my needs, and you'd just be mean http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif


Thank you!

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it sounds like you have something mixed up - if you want to do a mixdown from a midi file, you have to record the audio from your synthesizer into the computer, as it's not currently on the computer... only the notes and midi info are. Unless you're using the GM/soundfont synth on the SB card for the sounds, then that's a different story. The Card should definitely have a line input as well as a microphone input. The normal color scheme is: blue = line in, red/pink = mic in, yellow = digital i/o, & green adn black are the outputs.


So what you need to do is connect your synth to the computer (usually you'll need a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter, and a 1/4" mono x2 to 1/4 stereo cable), put Cubasis into record mode on an audio track, and hit play.. the midi will send to your synth and the computer will record the audio.


If you're using the SB card as the synth, there should be a "record to disk" option, or else you can just plug a cable from the out jack to the in jack.

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Steve44, thanks for your continuous help.


That's the first thing I tried, before I posted this message.


I get an error, let me go do it now, so I can get the exact message, brb..




I did NOT try the above.

I tried using a DIFFERENT recorder, sndrec32.exe to be exact just to "test" everything out. Had it set to line in. That's where I got my error.

(conflict of source w/Cubase)


That' when I realized you were going to be on the nail, since Cubasis will be using both sources, and not 2 applications.


Sure enough, fire up Cubasis, and it worked just fine.


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(I will still be making a different thread for digital hardware suggestions, in the Pro Audio forum though, as that is my next goal.

With this, at least I can learn some MIDI/DA stuff while trying to decide.

There are Sooo many choices)


Once again, major major thanks http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif

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Better ask now:


Is there an easier way to change the LINE level, besides going to the windows volume control in the lower right hand screen.


I'd have to switch between MIC/Line as source everytime, and was wondering if there is an IN-cubasis adjustment parameter.


Is there a way to monitor the LEVEL as well, besied watching the windows volume control?


I know there's got to be, even if it's a plugin. It doesn't make sense to have to minimize sequencer every time to adjust Line Level.


Thanks again,


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There is VST Channel Mixer, which I was talking about above, for AUDIO only.

(there is no midi one)


I can adjust PRE-recorded audio tracks fine.


If I press the "in" button on a fader, I can MONITOR the Level of LineIn, but can not adjust it, I still have to use the windows volume control.


Why this is more horrific than some might think:

If you adjust the windows' Line IN, so it's not clipping, then go record in Cubasis, it IS still clipping.


Even though there is absolutely NO red, it clips. Very inacurate adjustment with relation to Cubasis.

Because if I monitor in Cubasis, it's still RED.


Time to ditch Cubasis.


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