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want to know about midi channel


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I have a Xp60(Roland )and a R8 mk2(Drum Machine of Roland ), my problem is whenever I want to slave my XP60 and want to drive it from R8, I'll have to turn the local switch of XP60 off otherwise some fo the instrument of other channel(other than Ch10) will be played with the rythm. My Drum machine is set to Ch 10 and the receive channel of the parts of my keyboard is not set to 10.Somebody please guide me , cause I want to play the sequenced music and live together which I can't do if the local switch is off.



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I would try this:


Set a mix or combi (or whatever roland calls it) made up of 2 parts.


Part 1 will have the sound you are trying to play, and assign it to respond to the keyboard/


Part 2 will be more tricky. See if you can setup so that it only responds to midi, but not to the keyboard, and set it to channel 10. Even my old Kawai K1 can do this, so I'd be surprised if the roland can't.


I know I'm being vague, but I'm not familiar with the xp series, but I've done this before on other synths.



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If you put the XP-60 into Performance mode, you can set up zones for different parts (16 of them). You can set each zone's LOCAL setting to ON or OFF, and you can decide whick keys on the keyboard will be active for that zone. I suggest that you set up a zone or two with LOCAL set to ON for your left and right hand keyboard parts and a separate zone (about an octave at one end of the keyboard) for the R-8 parts. Set this last zone to LOCAL=OFF and MIDI channel 10. The only catch is that you might have to remap the R-8 sounds you want to fit within a single octave. It's been years since I've used an R-8, so I don't remember how to do this, just that it can be done.


Why not just use the XP-60's drum sounds and leave the R-8 for patterns only?

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