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Studio Monitors under $500?


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thanx for the replies i've received concerning my question about the keyboard i should buy, as it turns out i i've stumbled into a website w/ extensive library of free samples from the best synths around and since im planing on using acid pro, i've decided to invest in a few sample cds in the meantime, and wait a while before buying my first synth; but i would trully love to get my hands on that andromeda 6,... what a wet dream!! Having started to aquire a fairly big sample library, at this point my primary concern is having the best pair of pro studio monitors i can possibly buy for around $500, and although i've done a bit of reading and catalogue browsing; i'd like the expirienced opinion of those in the know,so if anyone outhere has a good tip or recomendation i would trully appreciate it...i'm hoping for active/powered monitors w/ 6-8 subwoofer cone,(ballpark),60-70 Watts,i'm a bit interested on the Alesis M1 powered monitors and the Yamaha NS10MS, but i dont know anything on their performance,the same for the Alesis Monitor one(but i'm not sure if they are active/powered). Like i said before, every bit of wisdom will be greatly appreciated ...thanx.!
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Hi Ovnis7. I'd recommend the M1 powered monitors. I haven't heard them, but I've heard the Monitor ones and they have a great, clean and accurate sound. I'd buy them for me too, but my budget was low so I bought the Alesis Point Seven, which are very good for the price. I also have worked for years with the NS10M, and I can say they are the most difficult monitors in the market, because until you learn their behaviour, what you hear isn't what you record. You could also check the active Tannoy Reveals, which regarding to many topics on the music forums have a very good sound.

I hope I helped.


Mr Sexton

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A lot of it depends on the music yuo like to do and what your ears are used to listening to. Go to a store that has them all on display, and BRING YOUR OWN CD!!! This way you can compare the sound to what you're used to hearing. Make sure you don't hear it through any EQ or processing, also.


The Alesis M1's are great, especially if you like a little extra low end. The bass ports on the front can be a little boomy if you're doing classical, jazz, classic rock, etc. The hip-hop guys love 'em!

The Event PS6's aren't bad, either.

Yamah makes the MSP5, which are ok, but kinda mid-heavy for my tastes.

Behringer's Truth monitors are really good too. Pretty flat, adjustable to your room, and loud.


I hope I covered them all!

Bill Murphy


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Although the drivers for NS10s will still be available, they're ceasing production because the wood pulp they use for the speaker cone is now endangered... and they can't find similar material at a reasonable cost to continue production.


Although I don't know how much of this is Spin, but I guess Yamaha is encouraging people to buy different models. Even if you never need to try to find parts for the NS10s.


Good luck; this is the most important piece of gear you'll get - the one stage you can't bypass or reroute . . .

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Under 600, my two options were the Alesis M1's and the Event Ps6's.

The M1's seemed kind of flimsy but they were pretty close in sound. Poor sales guy, I made him rewire the each pair of monitors at least 15 times as I sat there undecided (oh well, the store should wire it so customers can flip through monitors by switch).

But I went with the PS6's. They just sounded a bit better and the woofer didn't feel like it was made out of rolling papers.


I've had em about 5 months, payed just under 6 bills,and haven't been dissappointed yet.

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Originally posted by Lord Jeebus:

As posted by me in another thread:


"I find that the Keyboard forum tends to "stagnate" once in awhile, and it's nice to dig up some old school material for folks to ponder over. Just giving the forum a little kick."

I find it aggravating to have to filter though the old junk. Most of what you are digging up is totally useless topics. Why pull up a Triton vs XV-5080 thread when there is already a new one? Why pull up questions about buying items when the person posted the question two years ago and has probably already made a purchase? Why try and burry current topics and questions? I am sorry if you find this place to be stagnate, but maybe you can find some action over on SSS.



This post edited for speling.

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