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Roland MC 80 vs Computer Sequencing

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I've been using Cakewalk since version 5.0, and think it's a great program (aside from a couple of notoriously buggy versions). I know it inside and out, and have had relatively no problems with it. But lately I am just getting sick of the whole computer thing. I wish I could work with and edit sequences at band practice or on stage without having to lug a computer around (which I don't do!)...or even work in the living room while my wife's watching TV instead of hiding out in the basement.


I'm giving serious consideration to getting an MC 80 and even putting the expansion board in it with the JV 2080 sounds. That way I don't even have to lug my rack around depending on the situation, just hit play on the MC 80. My main concerns are ease of use, down time between songs (how long to load a sequence), and how well the VGS-PR sound card is integrated into the sequencer.


Anyone use this product? Thanks!

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If you've got the budget for the MC-80, I think it's a great unit. It's got such a nice large screen and pretty excellent sequencing features and direct from disk playback. However I'm not so sure that the VE-GSPro board is on par with the JV2080. I used the VE-JV1 board and it sounded pretty good, though very Roland. I do, however, know someone who uses the MC-80 as his main axe, together with an AX-1B. His website is:

http://www.sammyjames.com/index.html and you can contact him through the email form that says "Contact", since there's no address listed. His music makes the MC80 sound better than I thought it would sound.. check out his mp3.com page to hear it in action.



On the other side of the spectrum, there is a hardware sequencer made by Kawai that is very cheap and very good quality, without any sounds. It is called the Q80-exe and has some great sequencing functions such as a motif mode and battery backed memory. It also has a sysex patch storage mode. Here's info: http://www.kawaius.com/q80exe.htm. It's an old unit, but I know it can be bought on special order, and I think it's only like $350.



I was just thinking.. if you compare SammyJames' music to Atom and His Package, the MC-80 sounds incredibly better than the Yamaha QY-700.. it's funny that there are actually two acts that base their whole music around one sequencer/sound module unit..


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