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monophonic pads


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Thinking of a nice way to complement a Roland XP30, which is used being mostly for pads, , transitional sound effects and textures, in live performance.


I have the idea of using a micromodular as a kind of effects and processing device for the Roland. It doesn't bother me that the Micro has little capability in terms of delay lines, since it has some good filter, LFO and logic capabilities that could be used to stretch a Rompler. The issue that troubles me is that with the stereo ins, the micro's architecture would be essentially monophonic, which means that even though I may be playing multiple notes on the rompler, all currently sounding notes would be given the same treatment (at any point in time) on the micro. So the two synths together would be like a polymoog, I guess. Additionally, I am not sure if multi-triggering is possible when adding notes to held notes. I assume it is.


I am really not looking to beef up the Rompler, but expand it's pallete, although I suspect I will end up playing an occasional monophonic line on the Nord. The primary purpose for the Nord would be to serve as a processing engine for the ROM sounds in the Roland.


My questions are:


Given that all voices will be processed through the same architecture, will there be a "sameness" in polyphonic play (kinda like an auto-wah or envelope follower)?


Will the logic patterns allow for interesting treatments of polyphonic play. (example: each note-on triggers a different sequencer, lfo, or unique filter envelope, will distance between notes change the filter treatment, etc)?


Has anyone used this kind of architecture (Rompler through a VA, or other sound sources through a Nord modular) and have any thoughts?


Ideally I would spring for that K2600R that is being discounted, but portability is important for this application. The price is right too.


Thanks in advance for any comments.





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