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Need help with Yamaha S80 problem...


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I just took delivery of my new S80 yesterday and it is so, SO everything I wanted it to be and more. I have absolutely no regrets about choosing it over the XV88.


My only problem is as follows: I downloaded the S80 patch list for my FreeMIDI/Digital Performer 2.7 setup, ((MOTU Midi Time Piece A/V and a G3) and then enabled program change on the S80. But when I would try to record into Performer, the part I was playing live would skip and jump and drop notes (although the S80 parts already recorded would continue underneath without a glitch). Yet when I would play back the track I had just recorded, it would come out perfectly. As a test, I disabled program change and tried recording again and this time my recording pass went flawlessly.


In summary, with program change enabled on the S80 I was not able to properly hear what I was recording even though Performer was actually receiving all the notes and controllers. Recording parts on my other synths such as a JV1080 or K2000 went perfectly, even though they were also receiving multiple program changes.


Any suggestions from this distinguished forum? I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Do you have local control disabled on your S80 when you're recording into the computer?


DP defaults to passing MIDI signal that it is recording back through the computer to the MIDI in of the synth. This allows you to use DP to channelize your S80, effectively turning it into a controller and separate module. If you haven't disabled the S80's local control, your synth is probably receiving local info and the same info again from the MIDI jack. That may be what's causing the hiccup.


Just a guess...sorry if you already knew that.





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Thanks for the quick reply, Dave. Much appreciated. Yes, local is disabled. I tried thinning out the MIDI stream to and from Performer by muting pretty much everything but note ons and offs and the essential controllers, but am still glitching because of program change being enabled. At the moment, I'm resorting to the sorry state of having to set my patches manually.


I checked Mark Trainer's forum over at yamahas80.com and one or two people have reported what seems to be a similar problem. No one's replied to them yet though.

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