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A Second Keyboard


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Wassup Everyone,

Me and a friend are setting up a studio and we have chosen are main keyboard, but the studio is at his house and I need a Keyboard that will be descent stand alone workstation. I need an all around good synth that is affordable and a good second board. Good sounding drums are really important along with a sequencer. I'm really thinking about the Yahamaha EX-7. Let me Know if you have any Ideas around the same price range or just better, I woul appreciate it.

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Here we go again ! Greeting DSGB21 ! WASUP to ya too ?



Always the 2 questions for you :


1) What is your music style ?


2) How much can you spend ? Your cash limit that is.







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Hooked on Keys...
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I would recommend that the second keyboard be a virtual analog synth, if that fits the style of music you play. Many of them are very interactive with knobs to turn and it's easy to mold the sound, adjust the filters and envelopes, etc. They could give you a different sound that would compliment the other keyboard.


Digital pianos are a great second keyboard too. If piano is an important component of your music then it's nice to have a dedicated board for that. Piano and electric piano sounds can really eat up polyphony and manufacturers spend a lot of effort getting the sound right.

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