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Digital MTR and MidiFile Capture


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Hi there: I'm a keyboard player wanting to capture some tracks during gigs...trying to capture 2 hours uninterrupted. I've got RCA digital out of my keyboard to go straight in to a recorder. Currently have Tascam portable DAT. Would like to also capture MIDI file of keyboard to use for additional tracks later. (BTW, how would I sync the midi to the digitally recorded audio?) Would like to also capture analog program from 1 or more accompanists, and record each on their own track(s) for mixdown later. I am not clear on the current technology available today. Is it better to incorporate a designated laptop in this scenario? Separate Hard disc recorder? Software? Ideally the equipment would also be compact and unobtrusive. Would appreciate any and all information. ThankYou.



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My first thought after reading this was: if you record the MIDI info, say with a laptop running Cakewalk, Cubase, Logic, whatever, you can play that back later and record it digitally then. You can press record on the computer, when you're done, play it back, and it will be virtually the same as when you played it the first time. You can add MIDI tracks, you can record digital out, you can do anything. Is this any help?

Bill Murphy


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