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Synth Gurus


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Here we are... We talked about keyboard solos and pianists...

But what about synth gurus - the guys who can make the synths sound like they never sounded before?


I can name some but I'd really love to know more...


My list is:


Thomas Dolby

Paul Hardcastle

Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran keyboardist)




I also adore how Stevie Wonder uses synths - very cool! http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/cool.gif


And who are Your favourite ones?




Kind Regards,




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Kit Watkins is someone who programs amazing sounds and uses them in interesting ways. One of his best albums is called SunStruck released in 1990. Some of his music is rhythmic and almost progressive rock and some is pure space music....great to meditate to. Some of the gear he uses isn't the latest technology and he obviously puts a lot of work into the sounds. If you are a Larry Fast fan then you would probably like Kit's music and sound design too.
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I'm into synths mainly because of four albums: Pictures at an Exhibition, Tarkus, Switched on Bach and Clockwork Orange, so Emo and Wendy would have to be my first two gurus.


It went pretty standard 70's from there - all the synth biggies...except for Chick Corea. I never really got into the way that Chick plays synths, for some reason - just leaves me cold. I always found him to be a bit too heady for my tastes, I suppose - I tend to prefer folks who play synths with a bit more...how shall I say...attitude. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif







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Josef Zawinul

Wendy Carlos

Josef Zawinul

Isao Tomita

Josef Zawinul

Michael Boddicker

Josef Zawinul

Stevie Wonder

Josef Zawinul

Trent Reznor

Josef Zawinul

Michael Mc Nabb

Josef Zawinul

Morton Subotnick

Josef Zawinul


Honorable mention: Josef Zawinul http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif

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