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DR-660 Manual, or basic help


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Hey Gang,

I have just picked up a DR-660 drum machine to do some basic digital recording at home, and to practice with. (I am a bass player.)


Unfortunately, it came without a manual, and after 15+ years as a programmer and software designer, I have finally found an interface that completely stumps me...on the DR-660!!


For instance, I can choose which kit I want to listen to, and play back one of the pre-recorded patterns, but it only plays the selected kit for a few beats, and then reverts back to the "Standard" kit!!


I also can't figure out how to record my own patterns.


Does anyone have a manual they don't need any more? The manufacturer's website says that the manual is no longer available from them.


Thanks for the help,

- Christian

Budapest, Hungary


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There's a few places that sell manuals for used gear.


The first one that comes to mind is rogue music in NY. www.roguemusic.com

Send them an email and see if they have it. They ship worldwide. May not be worth it, with shipping you're probably looking at >$50


There's a guy also that offers the same service, Mark Glinty (????). I'll try to remember the link, he's got a website with the list of all the gear that he has manuals for.



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