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K2600-ASR-10 help?


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The 2600 is much like the 2500, I like some of the kurzweil sounds but they can get boring. After my comparison I choose the Emu E4 Ultra Line ( take your pick XT, 6400, or Esynth) better sampling engine then either the 2600 or triton, much faster midi and sample processing then either of those two, and the onboard sequencer just cant be touched. You can edit, cut, paste, and swing. I was looking for the same combo as you were, just willing to spend a little more dough, and after 6 months of comparing I got two pieces a Kurzweil PC2X(88 note controller)its 24 bit, the 2500/2600 are still 16 bit with 18bit D/A converters, and for my sampling and sequencing I got a rack mount Emu E4XT Ultra. So I get the best of both worlds LOL.

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