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NI Dynamo & Pro Five


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I have wanted some good analog in my productions ever since Ayreon came out with The Dream Sequencer. The new Joe Satriani has some great stuff too. Anyway, I have been looking at NI's Dynamo and Pro Five. I want to use which-ever as a plug-in with Cool Edit 2000, using a VST adapter called Amulet.


Basically I want to develop the sound/note sequence I want, save it as a wav file, fine edit in CE if needed, and plug it into Acid. Is this unrealistic? Am I able to use these to plug-ins as stand-alone synths? On the Pro Five, how would I play a chord, or is it just meant for note sequencing?


I'm MIDI challenged at present, will I need to use MIDI with either one, and will I need to spend another $300 to get MIDI to wav conversion software?


It's a lot to ask, but I want to get all the facts before I but.



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Without a midi keyboard and sequencer, you're really not going to be able to take advantage of all the features of these programs. In fact, Pro 52 will be totally useless. I'm pretty sure the VST adapter for CE is just for VST effects, not VST instruments.


Some of the modules in Dynamo have rudimentary step sequencers that you could do up to a 32 note pattern in, but in those modules, you're stuck using the type of sounds that are available within that module.


You'd be better off getting a cheap midi keyboard and a cheap sequencer (Cubasis VST would probably be your best bet for what you want to do) and using some of the free VST instruments that are out there.

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