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What exactly is a Yamaha P300?


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I'm looking for a used Yamaha digital piano, and I've tried the P80 and P200 so I pretty much know what they are. Now I've come across a P300 but I can't seem to find any info about it. Can anyone enlighten me? I'll go look at it of course but it's 200 miles away so I want to educate myself a bit first.


- Are its piano sounds like the P80 or P200 (which are very different) or some other?


- What's it like physically - size, weight etc.- is it like the 80 or 200 or some other?


- Anything else I ought to know?


Any info would be MUCH appreciated!!


All the best,






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Never heard of the P-300..... was it in a classified ad or something???? It might have been a typo


No, it was real - the P300 was out when the P150 and P500 were out, I believe. I have very little knowledge of what it was that differentiated them, but I'm pretty sure that the P200 and P80 have a bigger, better piano sample than any of those other three; plus, the P200 has a graded response hammer action keybed that feels pretty terrific.





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The Yamaha P300 is used mostly by country artists. It's pianos are voiced for country music(well, at least to me). They are very bright, very country sounding.


It has a balanced hammer keybed, so it is one weight across the whole keybed. The newer P200 has a graded action, which feels just like a piano. Also, the Pianos in the p200 are newer, and the clarity is greater than the pianos in the p300.



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I almost bought one when they came out in 1994, but didn't because one person can't really move it around. They weigh around 85lbs and they're deeper under the keybed than usual so you can't get your arms around it...transport's a two person job.


The sound is very similiar to the Yamaha CLP's of the period... there's a kind of artificial smoothness to them. Mike Martin of Yamaha mentioned that there's still a lot of calls for the P300 in Nashville, and I'd guess it's probably because of their smooth glassy sound...I don't remember it being an especially bright piano. It does have that characteristic Yamaha attack transient at high velocities that cuts in a mix though. Anyway, it comes with a multiband EQ, the main piano is in stereo, and the EP's are (of course) very 80's-early 90's sounding. :rolleyes: There are other sounds too but I can't remember what they are. This was a $3000+ piano 10 years ago.

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