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Voce V5 problems

Allan Speers

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I bought a Voce V5 a few months ago.


Fell in love with the sound immediately, an so toosed the boxes. A few days later, I realized with shock that


A: the sound stops about 1 1/2 octaves below the top key of an 88-key controller.


B:If you play it from a typical non-master keyboard, and try t blend in the keyboard's piano, the Voce plays an octave too low.


C: You can't change the octave in the Voce module.


Unbelievable, and now I'm stuck. I absolutely can't use this thing live, and I have a real B3 in the studio.


The Voce company has ZERO customer support.



Does anyone know of any mods that can solve ANY of this?


Does anyone at least have an url for a Voce users' group?


Can't get any info from Voce at all.

Bad business...

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I tried the US distributor. He told me that even HE can't get any info from Voce. Zip. Not even schematics!



As for the key-range: This little box can do two regular manuals PLUS bass pedals, but it can' give me ONE sound that gos to the 88'th key?


I don't buy the "it's an exact B3 simulation" thang, since the V5 responds to sustain pedal and pitch-bend info. I just think Voce has their collective heads up their buts.


It will be a LONG, long time before I ever consider buying another of their products. $1200 bucks down the toilet.

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