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YAMAHA MSP-5 monitors: any good?

Max Ventura

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Hi fellas.

I just got a pair of Yamaha MSP-5 bi-amplified nearfield speakers, which are marketed by Yamaha as the active version of NS 10; besides the fact that this definition is probably not true, still I'd like to know if those speakers, which I have got in exchange for other stuff, are worth keeping as my main monitoring device in a small, compact project studio or are they totally inadequate?

I had NS10Ms before, I gave a listen to these MSP-5 and I cannot hear so much a difference after all...


I must point out the following facts:

-I have no more budget available at the moment;

-I do mostly electronic stuff;

-I'd rather use active speakers and have no amps around;

-my hearing is somewhat compromised as was my dad's, and anyway I seldom final-mix in my studio.


Also, I have a pair of Event 2020 BAS sitting around that I'd like to sell for good money. They are a little too big for my needs. I've never even unboxed those...

Max Ventura, Italy.
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I've got the MSP5s. They're not active version of NS10s -- they're a completely different speaker. I think they sound a lot better than NS10s, although there are certainly better monitors out there. For what they cost, though, they're great. I know some people are pairing them with a sub woofer to make up from some of their low end deficiencies. I may try that in the future, but for now, I have no problems with them (I also do mainly electronic stuff). I think just about any speaker can give rsults if you know how other music sounds on it and can adjust for the speaker's characteristics, so since you already own them, don't have any budget, and don;t do final mixing at your place, I see no reason to get something else.



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Thanx Jonathan.

Right now seems somebody wants them, so if I cash from them I might keep the Event instead. I really have no problems with the low end; my goal is to achieve a very "average" sound from my mixes, something that can yield decent results whether it comes from a portable radio or from a club system.

And it's not true that I never do any final mixing in here. I'd like not to, but in the end I'm forced to, because friend's studios are not always available.

Max Ventura, Italy.
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