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Having fun scanning old photos...

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I have been working on that but not fast enough. My goal is to scan pictures from my family and all my aunts and uncles, get some stories from each of them, and then distribute them on CD's to all the families. My mom and dad are each one of 12 children so it is a big job. My main regret is I did not do it years ago before I started loosing so many of my aunts and uncles. A lot of knowledge about family history is already lost. Robert
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[quote]Originally posted by Creeper LeBlanc: [b]P.S. Does anyone know if Fender actually made Steel Guitars in 1940? I can find out easily enough, just curious.[/b][/quote]That was what I was going by when I (badly) guessed the year. Fender did make Steels in the early 40's, and started making [i]pedal[/i] steels in the 50's. I seem to remember seeing a vintage Fender Steel ad from the 40's, and they packaged it with a tweed amp.
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Well... that's ME ... 1977... That's Dad's Kawai Organ, too :D [img]http://artists.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/TraX/images/lg-83249.jpg[/img]

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