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Terapin CD Recorder

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Maybe this interests only me, but when I read the review of it earlier and another just now, they just may have a buyer. Nothing new is the fact that it's a dual deck CD burner. What IS new is that not only does this thing convert CDs to MP3s in real time AND vice versa, but it also allows LIVE recording in the MP3 format (128k, though), allowing up to 12 HOURS of continuous recording! And to top it off, it also lets you dub data and video discs. The kicker is that it's a recorder that makes use of the "dreaded" copy-protection schemes, so you'd think you could only use the "audio" blanks, but for MP3 and data/video discs, you can use the "regular" blanks. I do all my ripping on the comp, but I love recording CDs with a standalone. Plus, one of the services I offer to all clients (like most do) is converting their music to the mp3 format. Having something sitting to the side that I can just pop the CD in and let it go to work, freeing up everything else, is a good thing. And I really dig the potential usage of it for "less important" live applications (band rehearsals, plays, etc. 'cause mpegs stink for anything else). Just FYI. Peace
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Wait! Do I understand you correctly? Can I take this thing-a-ma-gig out to one of my gig, turn it on, set levels, punch record & get 12 hours of mp3 recording???? That's close to 4 hours of wav size recording. Hell, I could turn the damned thing on at the start & not even think about swaping disks or tapes. Tell me more. Give a website. I'm too tired & lazy tonight to do a search.


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