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AES Student Chapter?

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"Do you see a benefit for students to join?"


In some ways, it's good just to be a part of the organization. It can help foster a sense of pride and seriousness in what you do. At the very least, you get the AES journal, which exposes you to some of the extremely technical and scientific underpinnings of all things audio. (Did anyone look at that article last issue that dealt with digital filters? Talk about the equations that ate Tokyo...)


"Did your school have one? Did you



Yes, the Conservatory's section was resurrected when I got there, and I did join. I even got to be vice president of the section for a while.


"Was it very organized?"


Not at all. There was a lot of "seat of the pants flying." Every now and again there would be an event, like touring a local facility, but most meetings were extremely impromptu and poorly attended. Having been an officer myself, I share part of the blame for this. (I really preferred helping out on the night projects and the like over such mundane things as making sign up sheets and announcements for the bulletin board.)


"What did you get from it?"


I learned a lot about what happens when you're trying to manage a group, that some people are really good at it (Courtney, you are the goddess of group organization!), and that I prefer to work in the studio much more than the boardroom. We did also have some really good group discussions about copy protection, analog vs. digital, and other such subjects (which often became Everybody Vs. Danny.) Beyond that, it WAS a good experience in general, and I encourage everyone to at least give AES a shot, if it's available to you.






Of all the things that I have lost, I miss my mind the most.

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