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Artist share of compilation/mix CD?

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As a producer of small run CDs who wants to release mix CDs, what should I offer artists in renumeration?

Most of these artists will be overseas and unable to have much of a hand in proceedings.

Should I simply offer song-writing royalties as mechanical royalties will barely cover recording. Is this acceptable?

Much appreciate your views.




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Hey Senator,


I think the idea of compilations, from an artist standpoint, is to have your material heard/distributed. It is almost always to an artists benefit to get on a compilation, as it furthers thier carreer in terms of a wider spread audience.


To answer your question, I think most artists are happy with songwriting credits/ all of thier info (web page etc.) in the CD jacket and a 20-50 cds to sell on thier own. If you plan on making any decent money with the CD (even major label compilations usually lose money) then compensating the artist is very appreciated. I have been on a few compilations and they have always done well in a exposing the band to a wider audience. I have never seen a penny, even from a major indie label comp. But I have had phone calls to be on other 'like' compilations and have gotten gigs and made fans thorugh the process. It is usually a win-win.


However, all of the compilations I have been on, required that I submit my own recording, which had to be mastered and then approved before it was allowed to be printed. You said you were producing this project, I am going to assume that you aren't actually recording the artists. You are providing a service as well and should be compensated yourself.



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