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OK, so it's time to build the walls in my studio... please help!

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Hello All,


I have been trying to find the least expensive way to build my project studio that will sound decent.


The company who owns the building will build standard 5/8" sheetrock, metal stud walls with isulation, wherever I want them, at no cost. After that I need to pay for raw materials.


Here is my plan so far...


layer of 5/8" sheetrock


layer of homasote 440 (also called "soundboard"... see www.homasote.com )


1 inch gap


staggered stud/insulation

layer of 5/8" sheetrock


I will add bass traps and some foam once the whole thing is built and call it finished.


The whole thing should clock in around $2000, being that all I have to pay for is the inner-most wall.


Is the method I chose correct? you think there may be a better way to do this for the same amount of money?

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Did they agree to pay for the soundboard? At $15-25 per 4x8 that stuff's pretty pricey. If you're paying, I'd say two layers of sheetrock with something thinnish in between would make much more sense financially. Felt, foam or sheet cork would work well.


I mean, sheetrock is only $6 per 4x8 5/8 up here. You could even use 1/2" for the second layer to eliminate sympathetic vibration, and it's cheaper too.


I like homasote's environmental approach, but that's a pretty huge difference in cost compared to sheetrock.



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I suggest you go to the lumber yard and request sound transmission specs on various walls.


Resilient channels are cheaper than soundboard and are more effective. Also, you need to consider your floors. Building extra walls won't attenuate sound transmission if your floors are conducting sound.


Will you be recording bands, loud amps? Do you primarily need to stop sound from coming in?


I really suggest you go to the library and take out a book on sound transmission in architecture. There is a lot to it.


I think Recording magazine has an issue that covers some of your concerns fairly well. Don't know what month.

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