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I want something better than SM58 for live performances

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Don't get me wrong, the SM 58 rejects feedback and delivers a strong signal. And it is fine for bland sounding voices such as mine.


The problem is that my lead singer has an interesting voice with a little Texas twang thrown in. The eq hump of the 58 colors his voice into making it sound generic, losing its distinctive sound.


I have heard about the SV 767 and Audix OM5. Any comments or recommendations?

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I recently picked up a Sennheiser e835 for live vocals (the e865 was unavailable at the time). The mic performs extremely well everytime I use it. It tends to bring out the best characteristics in everyone who sings through it.


I dig it.



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Some of those new "Evolution" mics by Sennheiser are pretty good.

I liked the e855 when I tried it for live vocals (in a practice space).

Less boomy and midrangy than a 58, and a lot more clear.


The AKG C535 is a great live vocals condenser mic. I would recommend

it over the Neumann, if only because it's several hundred dollars less

but still quite good. It can bring out the sibilance in certain

singers, however.

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