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emu internal HD

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I'm using a EMU 6400 ultra and till recently I used to conect the scsi out of a Emu with the old mac so I used the 2 HD and cd-rom only for a sempler[there was no processor or something else inside the comp]but now I want to put the HD inside the Emu but when I open the sempler I saw the small connector for HD power and I 'made'a cable for that purpose[one side a small like when you connect a floppy and the other side connector for HD]and of course I got the older HD and connected to that power connector and the HD worked for 4 sec and blow away[thanks god It was a old HD]so my question is Does somebody did this connection and is it any 'special'cable[like in the Emu site they have a kit for mounting a HD but I don't now does that kit includes all cables and stuff]or something else......what did I do wrong http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif[besides blowing one HD]and whats the power output of that connection.I now that the power for HD is +12 V ground and +5 V last 4'th pin emu support are in vacation for a couple of days[they don't have my problems though....\]

Thank you guys!!!!!!

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