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Earth, Wind & FIre ... still groovin'!

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Hey, although I do not watch that much TV, I did check out Earth, Wind & Fire on the Today show this morning!

Wow ... they *still* got it!

Talk about a trip back in time!

Goes to show that good music is timeless!

Anyone else catch 'em?


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I saw it, too. They do sound great, but other than Philip Bailey and Verdine White, who else is an original member? Are they turning into the type of nostalgia act where someone owns the name of the group and just fills out the band with younger members? The Temptations went on like that for years. Mike Love bought the "Beach Boys" name from Brian Wilson years ago, and now that group is Love and a bunch of sidemen.
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Earth, Wind & Fire - Beat, Rhythm & Melody - the fundamentals for 300 years.

Any 2 out of 3 are missing on a lot of music today. It took me until last year to figure out that's why I don't really enjoy pop radio anymore.

EWF were on A&E's Live by Request a while ago - they weren't coasting.

I love power horn sections.

It's OK to tempt fate. Just don't drop your drawers and moon her.
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