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midi hookup

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I have Cakewalk 8.0, Turtle Beach Pinnacle soundcard, Layla 20.

Sometimes they don't play nice together. It seems like just having

the TBeach's drivers involved, causes stops, lockups, etc. I can

go months without an issue .. then it suddenly goes nuts every 2 min.

I'm still working on that issue.


I use Layla for all audio .. no sweat there. I haven't seen any

problem that seems Layla related. (but I could be wrong)


I use TBeach for midi but I'm wondering if Layla's midi function

would benefit me. I still need the TBeach's onboard midi sounds

however. Can I use Layla's midi to control the TBeach sounds?

How do I wire it up? (in/out etc.) I'm obviously not clear on

what Layla's midi feature offers other than just an interface.



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Originally posted by bvdd:

BTW .. hope you don't need to be an expert to be part of

this forum.




Hey!...your first couple of posts and you made a funny!!!


Naaa...anyone can play...only thing required is a sense of humor..and you just covered that!!!


Oh...sorry..don't have any of that specific stuff...but I'm sure someone will chime in with an answer shortly...Craig....CRAIG!!!...where are you?


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Hi Bvdd,

First off, I've had a few problems with Cakewalk-8, I think that version-9 is a bit more solid, -upgrade if you can.

-If the Layla card has MIDI I/O, definatley use it with the audio as well. When Cakewalk runs the "wave profiler", it looks at all the sound/midi cards in your system, and adjusts its timing to work with the various cards. If you can run both the audio & MIDI off the same cards' internal timing (Layla), I think you will be avoiding any timing issues between multiple cards, which will cause your PC to lock-up, etc.




In two days, it won't matter.
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As far as using the T-Beach's sounds via the Layla cards' MIDI I/O, I do not believe this is possible. I have a creative labs card with a good piano sound on it, & I cannot seem to get the sound out of it thru another MIDI port other than it's own.
In two days, it won't matter.
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