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Studio Isolation

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Originally posted by LatinMusic:

What is the CHEAPER studio isolation way?


I'm remodeling what use to be an abandoned room,[i bougth an old house]


What I'm doing is installing as much insolation as I can, and then I'm building a room inside my room with 2x6 walls and again more insolation this room is for vocals or acoustic intruments, I'm not concern about my sound going outside I live on the city limits and my neighbors are really good.


The reason I'm doing it like that is because my budget is kind of low, and I'm trying to get just a decent recording, my audience is more interested in the messege than the quality of my recordings, but of course being a muscian I'm trying to do the best I can to get a nice sound, after all my reputation is improtant.


I hope this helps,








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Hi Vilo,


We're doing the same with the studio here (once it's designed), though by our estimations the room within a room approach is certainly not cheap. What are you comparing it to?





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