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The Fisher King

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For the love of "bad" artists such as Eilert Pilarm, Super Greg & Walter Kurtsson... please also check out a website warmly devoted to Larry Fisher aka. Wild Man Fisher (Links below).


Wild Man Fisher

Eilert Pilarm 1

Eilert Pilarm 2

Super Greg 1

Super Greg 2

Walter Kurtsson



A great book on artists like these!

Also check out two books called "Incredibly Strange Music Vol 1 & 2 on this page


And if you are heavily addicted to this kind of stuff, may I suggest something extra? In Stockholm, most mondays, there's a club for strange-music junkies called Sunkit located in the basement of a restaurant called "Olsson Brothers' Garlic & Shots" (BTW, if you go there, check out the food - a strange all-garlic menu, including the beer & coffee!). In Soho, London, Olsson Brothers' have a similar restaurant. Here you can try out hundreds of weird shots, eat "Transylvanian Vampire Steak with Bloody Sauce" or even "Varghetsat Jokkmoksvilt med vitlöksslungat potatismos", but you don't get to listen to any strange music... And if you wear a tie - beware, they might cut it off and nail it to the wall (they've got a massive collection by now)!





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Don't forget the *ultimate* site for left-of-center music:




Recommended songs to search out in their archived shows: "Candypants", "I Found a Girl in my Shower Stall", "Space Oddity" (as sung by an elementary school choir), "Jo", "A Song for my Foreskin", "Lucille Are You a Lesbian", "Theme from Romeo and Juliet", "You Bowled Me Over (at the Bowling Alley)", and "Purple Haze" by Woodstock Al.


They also play Wild Man Fisher and Eilert Pilarm songs, too...


BTW, for those who don't know (I didn't want to believe it), Super Greg is a hoax... He was created by an ad agency for some Lee Jeans commercials.

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