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Who makes true custom audio cables?

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Hey all,


I posted this at another site, but I thought I'd try this forum as well...


Who makes true, custom audio cables? I want the ability to spec a specific wire with a specific connector (of a specific length), but I haven't found a company that will do it. Pro Co can make cables, but my local dealers can't tell me anything about the individual components.


Does Full Compass or any other large retailer provide this service? I want someone who will make the cables, and then test them for quality.


P.S. I've already considered wiring my own and decided against it.





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I hate to do this (use this site for self promotion), but if you are having that much trouble I can tell you that we do. Most work we do is for system integrators and large studio installs, but we do small jobs too.


Call our 800 number and ask for your regional inside sales rep.


Craig- if you got a problem with post, feel free to delete it.


Scott Fehl

Product Manager

Gepco Int'l Inc.


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