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active-x reverb plug-ins

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Does anyone make a "Lexicon-quality" active-x reverb plug in? (Waves, perhaps?) I've been spoiled by Lexicon hardware reverbs. Now I'm using Vegas Audio and I'd like to keep things simple and do reverb with a plug-in. The reverb plug-ins that Sonic Foundry provides don't sound very good to me. I've also tried the Sonic Timeworks 4080L, which didn't sound much better. Am I barking up the wrong tree here?
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The best host based Dir-X reverb Iv'e heard to date is the TC surroundverb which only works in Nuendo,and works in stereo as well.Other than that the DSP FX reverbs are wonderfull,as well as the Waves Trueverb.
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I've heard raves about the Waves Ren.Reverb, and also Jim Roseberry's Lexicon impulses for Sonic Foundry's Acoustic Mirror (included with the new Soundforge 5.0). You can pick up the impulses for about 75 bucks at Studiocat.com. If you want Lexicon quality, those impulses will blow you away.



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Perhaps it is not LEXICON type, but You should try:


1) TC | Native Reverb


2) Waves TRUE VERB


They work pretty fine for me...


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