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Enough ventilation for a DAW...?

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Hey all,


I plan to move my DAW CPU to a walk-in closet (to squelch the noise), and I'm curious if it will get enough ventilation in there. The closet is 6'x5' with 8' ceilings, and I plan to put some insulation on the back of the door (and some of the walls) to further quiet the room.


With the door shut, do you think that the CPU will get sufficient ventilation? I use a 10,000 RPM audio drive, and the tower does tend to warm up. I just don't want to cook my pride and joy.


Any thoughts?



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I would think that a closet would be sufficiently "leaky" that its ambient temperature wouldn't get excessive. With some Windows motherboards, you can check the system temperature when you start up or restart...this provides useful data.


If needed, you could shave a half-inch off the top of the door to let heat escape, and a half-inch off the bottom to let cold air in.


The main thing is to make sure there's plenty of air circulation around the computer. Then as long as the air in the closet is reasonably cool, your computer should be okay.

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