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New site about Mac, USB & FireWire

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For the last two months, I've been surfing the net for information about audio solutions for my Mac. This effort has resulted in a simple website, where I've put links to products, information about and reviews of USB & FireWire audio and midi products.


There's also a small newssection.


If you're interested, check out the website at this address:








Check it out and tell my what you think.

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It's a good start, and I'm glad someone is doing that. I'm not very interested in USB since it's so slow, but it may be OK in the next version.


Firewire is much more interesting, and it's been a long wait, but finally there are audio products. I hope they're actually shipping. I think we need Firewire on all digital audio devices, and I really hope it'll catch on now that there seem to be products...hopefully that'll worry other manufacturers that they're losing competitive advantage if they don't follow quickly.

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