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I noticed a couple of comments about the rather unwieldy length of the "Is your music any good?" thread...


Is there any way to cut posts for a bit...archive the prior thirteen pages, and get a fresh start?


Justa thought...

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Ahg, no, I hate when this sort of thing happens. You never know what you posted, or anyone else - and there's always something lurking around interesting that should be available in a search.


If you do this make the archive downloadable for awhile. It's annoying to consider having posted X number of messages to know half of them are "going away". I like the notion it's all still "there" on the Net somewhere, sort of as a mental scratch pad, like Dejanews works.... (or did). The fear of "hmmm... what was I thinking about conce rning that back then? Oh that's right... I can't find out....", sucks.




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